Crafting Gelato Excellence: Artisanal Mastery at MadMoose Gelato

At MadMoose Gelato , we’re more than a modern Italian gem in the city center; we’re custodians of gelato tradition infused with innovative flavors. Our passion fuels a commitment to crafting each scoop with precision, using time-honored techniques and inventive recipes. Step into our world and taste the artisanal difference


Crafting Gelato Excellence at MadMoose


Drawing from over three decades of expertise in authentic Italian cuisine, MadMoose Gelato Parlor embodies a legacy of excellence. Our dedication to perfecting the art of gelato-making ensures each scoop reflects our rich culinary heritage. Join us on a flavorful journey where tradition, innovation, and passion converge

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Chronicling Gelato's Journey: A Timeless Tale of Premium Italian Ice cream

1600 CE
1600 CE
Birth of Gelato

Gelato emerges in Italy as a frozen delicacy, believed to have originated in the 16th century. Bernardo Buontalenti, a Florentine native, is attributed to its modern version, captivating the court of Catherina dei Medici with his creation.

1686 CE
1686 CE
Spreading Across Italy

Gelato gains popularity across Italy, sparking the opening of shops and passing through generations, continuing its legacy as a treasured frozen dessert.

1770 CE
1770 CE
Gelato Arrives in America

Italian native Giovanni Biasiolo introduces gelato to the United States. However, the advent of the hand-crank freezer coincides, overshadowing gelato's presence until a resurgence in the 1900s.

1846 CE
1846 CE
Gelato's Continued Evolution

Gelato's tradition endures globally, evolving through time, techniques, and flavors. It remains a beloved dessert, cherished for its Italian heritage and artisanal craftsmanship.

Present Day
Present Day
MadMoose Gelato

Today, MadMoose Gelato proudly carries forward this rich history, blending tradition and innovation. Our commitment to crafting authentic gelato reflects centuries of legacy, delighting taste buds worldwide with our artisanal creations.

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Aroldo De Marco

Founder & Chef

Quetzalli Antonio

Co - Founder & Chef

Jovanni Scutari

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